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SEC Refs Continue to Suck It Up

Saturday I was watching a close matchup between SEC powers Alabama and LSU.  Alabama was driving during the fourth quarter and already up 21-15 when LSU's Patrick Peterson made a phenomenal sideline interception.  This was the kind of play that would have completely changed the momentum of the game and given LSU the ball with more than enough time to drive down the field to go for the win.  

Unfortunately it was ruled an incomplete pass on the field.  No worries, I thought to myself at the time, because they'll check this out on replay (which CBS had already shown 3 times) and reverse the call.  

Ok so after watching that replay and the added commentary of the creepy guy who posted it, how do you not overturn that call?  He has possession, clearly lands his left foot in and there's a good chance he even got his right foot in. 

This string of sucky SEC officiating has continued even after the debacle during the Georgia-LSU game and also in the Florida-Arkansas matchup at the Swamp.  The SEC has even gone as far as to suspend the officiating crew responsible for those two games, but it doesn't seem to have had the desired affect.  

As much as the SEC refs and officals suck, what sucks more is that Florida most likely would have lost that game against Arkansas without the referees' help and Alabama may well have lost after such a momentum changing interception.  

The teams that are really getting screwed here will be TCU and Cincinatti who most likely will finish undefeated but will have to watch the national championship game at home like everybody else as Texas plays the winner of the SEC championship game between Alabama and Florida.  Here's to hoping that whoever wins the national championship this year, it's not Florida.  Even Jim Rome thinks Tebow's act is getting ridiculous and I hate myself for ever agreeing with Jim Rome.  Somebody please end my self-loathing.