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Ochocinco Embraces the No Fun League

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Last week, the No Fun League (aka the NFL) fined Chad Ochocinco for "bribing" an official during a game with a $1 bill. Obviously, this was a complete joke but a fine of $20,000 was issued to #85 for his actions.

Ochocinco could end up being the most brilliant, personable and web-savvy player in NFL history. He had to of known that he'd be fined, and he was, so he turned it into a marketing stunt that only makes him look like a hero.

Ochocinco tweeted...

Can someone in Pittsburgh pick me up and take me to the mall to window shop, I’m 20k short right now, thanks much appreciated.

Matter of fact whoever picks me up we can spend 20k just because I feel like being generous<—-have I ever lied before—smh-shopping spree

First person to grab me from the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center I’m blessing you with whatever you want within reason from the mall

Hotel manager name is Jesse, first person to say my name Ocho Cinco to Jesse at the Marriot we about to act a donkey in the mall.

And he stuck to his word. These two guys (and a cute kid) picked up Ochocinco, made a Micky D's stop, and spent 20k at the mall.

On top of that, #85 tweets and webcasts like crazy. If you follow his tweets (or the OCNN, Ochocinco News Network) you'll know that every other week he invites 100 fans to screen a movie with him, and on occasion he'll fly his fans out to his home to cook dinner for him.

This is the kind of player we'd want on our team any day. The dude embraces his fans, his fines and his fame like no other superstar ever.

Oh, and he's not a bad athlete either.