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Honestly, Who Throws A Shoe?

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That's what Austin Powers asked Random Task in 1997's The Spy Who Shagged Me.  Well the answer would be Ron Artest.  Yesterday in a matchup between the Lakers and Rockets, early in the first quarter one of Trevor Ariza's shoes came off.  This prompted Artest to throw the shoe off to the sidelines at the Staples Center early in the first quarter.

This comes on the heels of the revelation that Artest apparently had to restrain himself from choking Ariza in the teams' first meeting this year after Ariza hit him with an elbow.  Following the game last night Artest was questioned about the incident by reporters, to which he responded by saying he thought it would buy the Lakers some time.  At that point Kobe Bryant came over in and deflected the media's attention away from Artest.

This is probably just the beginning of what should be a year high on entertainment and shock value in L.A. with Ron-Ron part of the mix.  

The only thing I know for a fact about Artest is I would never want anybody this mentally unstable on my team, not to mention that he's not nearly the player he was in Indiana.  Here's to the Lakers hopefully having screwed their hopes of a repeat by signing this guy.h