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He'll Fire Up The Fans

On Sunday for some reason the 4PM NFL game they showed on CBS in Michigan was Oakland-Kansas City.  Why would anybody in Michigan watch a game that involves teams that have no fanbase here and that resemble the Lions?  Well the answer to that question which I discovered on Sunday is Gus Johnson.  

There isn't another announcer on the planet that can make a meaningless regular season game sound like a last minute drive in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.  I mean Gus actually got excited every time JaMarcus Russell dropped back to pass the ball.  Can you say that about any other human being on the planet?

This isn't the first time I've listened to Gus announce a meaningless regular season game.  Back during the 2006-2007 NBA season, Gus Johnson signed on to announce some games on MSG Network for the New York Knicks.  

Early on in the season the Knicks were 1-3 and playing a game in Denver.  Here's Gus' call for the end of that game.

He actually says something after the shot goes in that isn't even a word.  He gets that pumped up.

While I certainly love Gus when he does football, his forte has got to be college basketball.  I don't think any other announcer captures the insanity that is March Madness quite like Gus does.  Here's his call of the UCLA-Gonzaga Sweet 16 matchup in 2006.  


Can you imagine being at the announcer's table with Gus during this?  I would pay to see what he actually looks like during when he's making these calls.

When we get our team I'm making a big push to get Gus to do our radio play-by-play.  


Here are some of Gus' other best calls:

Syracuse-Vermone 1st Round 2005

Ohio State-Xavier 2nd Round 2007

Knicks-Bobcats 2006-2007

Al Harrington Jumper Knicks-Blazers 2008-2009

Broncos-Bengals Week 1 2009-2010

If you want more Gus just search his name on Youtube.