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11/16/09 - Angry Pirate

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Stephen Jackson - He's finally gotten his wish, a trade from California to Charlotte to play for the Bobcats, and on his way out "Captain Jack" took a few parting shots at his former coach Don Nelson. Clearly his close fisted slap of a nerdy teenager in the stands in Detroit a few years ago was a pretty good indication of his general character, but leave it to a pro athlete to bite the hand thats fed him. After serving a lengthy suspension for Beat Down in the Palace, Jackson got hammered at a strip club and to scare off some hooligans he hopped on the hood of his ride and fired a few shots in the air, because thats what most conflict resolution experts recommend. The Warriors traded for him soon after and he has spent the last few seasons resurrecting his career, mostly because he played for Don Nelson and was allowed to run the floor with a few very good point guards and get tons of open looks, while chucking it up from anywhere and not playing any defense. A few years of this has padded his career stats, but somehow he now thinks its Nellie who is the problem for not giving him enough support. We're sure the Captain has some good reason for being all PO'd, but he also did that night in Detroit and the one in Vegas - so we're pretty sure he lost all credibility in that department.