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10/16/09 - PacMan Can

Manny Pacquiao - The PacMan served up another impressive win as he took a casual first round and then pummeled Miguel Cotto for the next ten rounds before the fight was eventually stopped. Not only is he pound for pound the best alive, but he also seems like a pretty decent dude. He trains for fights in LA with Freddy Roach and when in town he stays in one apartment with 12 buddies from his native Philipines, despite having made tens of millions of dollars in career earnings. He also rolls around in a big old tour bus with his face on the side and ttoally loves karaoke music. Before his send off from Manila (where he is more famous than the Backstreet Boys) for the most recent training, he did a national TV salute to himself, where he sang a host of power ballads with a bunch of random news anchors. The dude is actually pretty small and silly and goofy, but also fast as hell and tough as nails, so what is there not to like? We just cant wait until him and Pretty Boy Floyd finally get in the ring together and give boxing the boost its been needing since Tyson retired (he is retired right?).