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Dear Ray, Please Shutup

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Ray Lewis just needs to know when to shut the hell up.  After the Ravens finished the most uninspiring victory of all time, beating the Browns on Monday night 16-0, Lewis was questioned about Brady Quinn's crack-back block which on Terrell Suggs.  

He fumed that it was a cheap shot and that he was interested to see if Quinn would receive a fine similar to ones that Lewis has received.  Lewis also added that it was an illegal hit, which we already knew because Quinn got flagged for it.  I can understand why Lewis would be angry considering Suggs was injured on the play, but it sounds ridiculous coming from a guy who made a blatantly dirty play on Chad Ochocinco earlier this year.  

Lewis was fined $25,000 for this hit and for kicking an unidentified Bengals player after a play.  

Following last night's game Quinn apologized to Suggs, an offseason workout buddy of his, and the Ravens for the hit.  

Quinn is a quarterback that has been riding the bench for most of the year.  Quarterbacks are terrible in broken play situations and unused to having to protect themselves in such cases.  Quinn, as he himself admitted, made a poor play and simply reacted as he saw Suggs come across his line of sight and made an instinctual play.

I think the NFL is bogus when it comes to their fine system as well, but if recent history is any indication justice will be served and Ray should be satisfied with that.  Brett Favre was fined $10,000 earlier this year for a similar infraction to Quinn's.  

Anyways we don't need to hear anymore bitching and whining from the Ravens when it comes to any cheap shots or targeting players considering their illustrious history.  Last year Ed Reed tried to break Chris Johnson in half and Terrell Suggs talked about their defense having a bounty on the heads of Rashard Mendenhall and Hines Ward.