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ProjectFranchise.Org in this weeks The Social Scholar

This morning, the staff over at The Social Scholar has included our sites and on their most recent newsletter.  For those of you unfamiliar, is a website and weekly mailer based in 15 US cities which features the best in gear, nightlife, events, food and drink.

N112031983233_5433_medium  As a general man about town, I'm on literally dozens of email lists that purport to be the ultimate source for social blah blah blah.   In reality most of these emails are less informative than the ones with random poetic sentences with vicodin inserted every three words.  Either they want me to try out a bar where I can get a manicure with my applet-ini , or offer something completely out of my hemisphere, like a  10% discout on NetJets with the use of an AMEX Black card.  The Social Scholar claims to be targeted at the everyman/woman and they back it up by consistently coming up with things I am actually interested in but would never hear of on my own.  Things like BBQ and Beer festivals, great local specials or the cast of Super Troopers performing sketch comedy.  Check out the site for your region and see for yourself.