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Ohio State's Urine Filled Tradition and More

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Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake

Every year, the Thursday night before the Michigan-Ohio State game thousands of students from The Ohio State University (officially the most annoying personalized announcement of what university a player attended given during the Sunday and Monday night football games) jump into Mirror Lake.  Since this tradition takes place in mid-November and it's cold around then many of them drink themselves into a stupor before jumping in.

Well one of the many side affects alcohol has is creating an urgent need to piss every five minutes.  Jumping into a lake after case races and keg stands does not prevent this.  According to a study done by students in the College of Earth Sciences they noted a three degree increase in the temperature of the water over the night and a spike in ammonia levels around 1 AM.  

Sounds like an awesome tradition that I would want to be a part of.  Jumping into a lake with hundreds of other half naked guys relieving themselves of excess Natty Light into a little lake.  Here are some other interesting facts about The Ohio State University.


For those who don't know one of the ways for OSU fans to show their allegiance to their school is for one group of fans to scream OH, followed by another group responding with IO.  This lets us know where they're from in case you didn't know that Ohio State students reside in Ohio.

We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan

They don't care at all about the entire state of Michigan and to show everybody how much they hate Michigan they actually came up with a lyrically imaginative song about it.  

This song has also produced some imaginative covers like the one performed by a group of OSU fans at the 2007 NCAA Championship game.  

Mirror Lake Jump

This actually seemed pretty cool to me until the whole pissing thing came to light.  

Ohio Stadium's rotunda is painted Maize and Blue 

That's right.  In 1922 before the UM-OSU game, Michigan head coach Fielding Yost noticed the tiles in their rotunda were not painted.  He made a bet with then Ohio state coach John W. Wilce, that whoever won that game would have their school's colors painted on the tiles in the rotunda.  Michigan won 19-0 and they are now pained Maize and Blue.  So every Saturday thousands of OSU fans, football players and their marching band walk past this tribute to Michigan.  

The Script Ohio formation performed by the Ohio State Marching Band was actually created by the Michigan Marching Band in 1922.

That's right.  The same year we got to paint their rotunda with our colors we also created the script Ohio formation which they still perform.

Sure Ohio State has won five in row against us, but at least we don't jump into our own piss and call it a tradition.