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Bart Scott And Rex Ryan Can't Back Up Their Trash Talk

Rex Ryan's big belly would definitely carry him in a fight with Channing Crowder.
Rex Ryan's big belly would definitely carry him in a fight with Channing Crowder.

The Dolphins defeated the Jets at the Meadowlands yesterday 30-25, powered by two kickoff returns for touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr.  Here's what Jets linebacker Bart Scott had to say sarcastically after his team's second loss this season to their division rival Miami Dolphins.  

"They're a great team.  They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl.  They have a tremendous offense, great running backs, a great quarterback, a tight end.  They are stacked across the board.  I'm serious.  They are great."

"Like I said, they have a great team.  They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today.  They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way."

Dude.  Shut up.  You just got ran twice by a division rival in three weeks.  If anybody should be talking trash after the game it should be Chad Henne, who Scott said earlier in the week he wanted to knock out of the game.  

Bart, I'm not really a football expert, but from what I saw your defense is the reason the Dolphins won the first matchup this season.  On that night that quarterback you mocked was dropping dimes in the fourth quarter in his second start of his career.  Those running backs you also insulted, well they actually ran the Wildcat all fourth quarter to beat you. The Dolphins as a team put up 413 total yards of offense in that game and scored 31 points, with 21 coming in the fourth quarter. 

This isn't really anything new with the all talk, little substance Jets and their jackass head coach Rex Ryan.  First off it's amazing how when you are 4-4 you can find a way to still talk trash.  Your signature win this season was against the Patriots in Week 2, with Tom Brady clearly still getting his feet under him coming back from knee surgery.  Then you lucked out a win over a real powerhouse team like the Titans in Week 3 and your last win came against a high scool team from Oakland that is so bad your quarterback was preparing himself to challenge Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.

Bart, if you are going to talk smack, make sure you back it up and if you don't just shut your mouth after the game.  You aren't playing on the Ravens anymore.  Ray Lewis and Ed Reed aren't out there to free you up to make plays.  

Same goes for you Rex.  Ryan had a verbal spat with Dolphins lineback Channing Crowder over the summer.  Way to back up all that talk Rex.  That preparation in June really has helped you become a winner in your first year as head coach.  I would pay to see you twenty years younger try and "handle" Crowder like you said you could have.  I'm sure that huge belly of yours would protect you against any body blows.