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11/2/09 - A Rad Postseason

ARod - After being known as "Mr May" for routinely having historic regular seasons and then choking in the play-offs, Alex Rodriguez has put together a post season run to be marveled at. Given that last spring training it looked like his world was basically crashing down, its pretty remarkable that he has turned it around and has been so clutch when the Yankees needed him most. In last night's game 4, A-Rod hit a 2-out 9th-inning double off of the left field wall, which drove in what would end up being the winning run, giving NY a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. And this was the day after he hit the questionable home runt hat would be the difference maker in the Yanks game 3 victory.

Less than a year ago, ARod was getting murdered by the press for a variety of indiscretions - including cheating on his wife with a 50 year old tranny (well technically it was Madonna) and getting busted for juicing and then lying about it on national TV. Top that off with a serious injury and some surgery - and then being dumped by the tranny and catching a pricey divorce from his baby mama - and the things that happened last offseason to ARod should have been enough to drive a man to jump off a cliff. But, somehow, he kept playing and getting healthier and better and is now poised to finally put that championship ring on that he so desperately wants.