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11/2/09 - Gator Wrestlin'

Brandon Spikes - The Gators studly LB, fresh off a couple of weeks of limited play bc of some injuries, had a monster game against UGA with a pick-6, a bunch of big tackles, and one attempted eye-raking. Florida coach Urban Meyer has suspended Spikes for the first half of next weeks cupcake game against perennial SEC cellar dwellar Vanderbilt, citing the eye raking as something unbecoming of a Florida Gator saying that the players emotions got the best of him. We are all for physical play and even dont mind when Danny Ainge would bite guys while scrambling for lose balls - but the eye-rake?! Spikes goes about 6'2", 650 pounds of pure steel with 4.5 speed and shoulders as wide as a barn - it seems like if he wanted to crank out some extra emotion and anger that a blindside hit on the QB or a late shot at a RB going out of bounds would have sufficed. We just have a hard time believing that Spikes could only quench his thirst for voilence by trying a WWE-esque move. What's next, the Cross-Faced Chicken Wing? If they get to the SEC championship, does Bama wideout Julio Jones need to worry that if Spikes catches him across the middle he may implement a Figure Four Leg Lock? The whole incident just seems a bit bizarre and strange - and, although Spikes is a bonafide stud and will probably be making a lot of money on Sundays next year, there's no room for him on our bench... that is until we perfect the Three-Stooges hand up over the nose eye-gouge defense.