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Back to the Future II: The Return of Biff's Almanac

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People are always trying to predict the future, some look to the heavens, others to Nostradamus, however, none of these sources have the proven  track record of Back to the Future II

As of this posting, game 5 of the World series is underway, with the Yankees leading the series 3 games to 1.   Even in the Phillies' best case scenario, they head back to the Bronx where they would need to take two straight.  This fact didn't stop the baseball afficionados over at Macy's from getting a jump on formally congratulating the Phillies for repeating as world champs.  Of course, if the Yankees go on to win the series as many are predicting, this will go down as an embarrassing PR gaffe.  But if the Phillies somehow turn this series around, and pull off an improbable would have to come to the logical conclusion that someone from Macy's T-Shirt design team has gained access to a Delorean/time machine, traveled to the future and returned with a sports almanac.  Instead of using the almanac to build an empire on sports wagering, like Biff Tannen, this sly dog has decided to make his fortune by selling sports apparel from the future.  The absence of the words "Ed Hardy" of "Affliction" anywhere on the T-Shirt prove that the garment originated from a society that has come to its senses. 

Really, how does this happen?  I'm no Don Draper, but I assume that full page ads like these have to pass a few sets of eyeballs before they make the Sunday edition.  I understand that as a practical matter, these types of shirts have to be printed in advance to fully capitalize on the event, buyt usually  the losing teams apparel never sees the light of day.  I've always been told that they ship the losers shirts/hats etc. to a far off land, somewhat of a bizarro sports world where Don Beebe and the Buffalo Bills are the equivalent of Jordan's Bulls.  This begs the questions, where is this magical land (has anyone heard from Don Beebe?) and who's runner up gear clothes the most people?