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This Bud Says F* You

Tennesse Titans owner and old school football guy Bud Adams threw a out a bunch of double fisted middle finger salutes to Bills fans last week as he dangled out of his owner's box barking at the Buffalo cheering section like he was a drunk redneck. While we are all about owners getting into the game, and we're even ok with folks in the front office returning the heckling favor to the fans when they have it coming, we've got a real question for his choice in gestures. In terms of disses, "The Bird" is about as harsh nowadays as instigating some guy you're about to barfight by calling him "yella'" (see the black and white movies featured in the Home Alone trilogy).

Being that I drive a big SUV and live in the middle of proper LA, and am probably not the most respectful of local road ordinances, I catch middle's from fellow drivers about once a year, and I can remember the last time it got me all hot under the collar. Rather, my response is generally an outburst of laughter and remark to the effect of "Get a load of this guy/gal" (ya, I get F-U's from old women on the regular). The bird no longer evokes anger or fear, it just makes the guy throwing it look like a hick about 3/4 of the way through a 12er of PBR, or just an out of touch bozo. I know Bud Adams has done all types of great things for the game of football and I'm sure his $250k fine will go to good use in the NFL office, but its done nothing to improve the general opinion that he is a silly hillbilly who happen to strike it rich with the oil in hid backyard and definitely doesnt make him a more attractive option as the guy we would want running our team.