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Destination Rock Bottom...

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And the Knicks and Nets have overshot their landing by a mile. The Nets are only four losses (or as Nets fans have come to know them, games) from tying for the worst start to a season in NBA history. The Knicks, only slightly better in the wins column, actually managed the more embarrassing performance despite beating the lifeless Nets on Saturday. Taking the organization's level of dysfunction to a whole new level, the always entertaining Nate Robinson decided that it would be a good idea to shoot 3 pointer at the wrong hoop as the quarter expired.

This reminds me of that movie "Eddie" starring Whoopie Goldberg, you know the one where the awful Knicks are purchased by circus cowboy Wild Bill, who then hands over coaching duties to Knicks fan/limo driver "Eddie" who turns the team of prima donnas into winners. With that plot synopsis in mind, I think that if one of the writers from that movie suggested a scene where a player takes a shot at the wrong basket, the director would have fired him for suggesting something so stupid and unrealistic, saying something like "We are trying to make a movie about a female fan winning the coaching job of a half-billion dollar team by making an underhanded foul think this s#*t is a joke?"