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11/23/09 - Vinsanity Cured

Vince Young - After giving sports fans of all types (well except those that root for USC) one of the most enjoyable and memorable performances and games of all time in the 2006 Rose Bowl, Vince Young got skimmed over by his hometown Texans and eventually picked up by the Titans. While his numbers weren't great, his team always seemed to find a way to win in his first year in the NFL and he won the Rookie of the Year. Then, a very weird thing happened - VY totally regressed as a player and a confident man, all the way to the point where he was believed to be suicidal and his career as a star football player about as unlikely as Matt Leinhart's. Last season the Titans, with Young on the bench had the best record of the regular season and it looked like the nail had been put in his professional coffin. Then an even stranger twist in the story happened as the team opened up this season losing, and losing, and losing. Eventually the team made a move and decided to let the kid from Texas get back under center, and all of a sudden they started winning, and winning, and winning. Tonight VY returned back to his hometown of Houston and broke out some of those old skool option moves that brought UT a national title and he led his team down the field in the closing minutes to set up a lengthy game winning Rob Bironas field goal. Despite the major peaks and valleys, and his terrible decision to continue wearing that creepily skinny mustache/beard combo, we couldnt be happier for VY. He always seemed like a good dude, who played hard and just wanted to win - so we're rooting for him and hoping he can continue to electrify fans in Tennesse, even if the folks back in Texas arent cheering him on anymore.