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11/23/09 - Act your age, errrr, your title

Josh McDaniels - As one great (well greatly entertaining) coach once said, "They are who we thought they were", well it looks like in the case of Broncos child coach Josh McDaniels, he is just about who we thought he was. After a miracle win in Cinci in week 1, the Broncos rode a bunch of wins to a hot start and all of sudden McDaniels was getting hyped as the second coming of his former boss. Have we heard this story before (ahem, Charlie Weiss, ahem Mangenius)? Well now that they've gotten into the thick of the AFC schedule it looks like those Broncos and McDaniels are who we thought they were. Before the Broncos divisional showdown with the Chargers on Sunday, the 33 year old McDaniels apparently went out on the field and talked trash to SD's linebacking core, claiming "We own you". Well it turns out Shawne Merriman aint really the kind of dude you want to taunt - just ask Tila Tequila. The Chargers smoked the Broncos 32-3 and McDaniels had to backpeddle off that talk to something more like "You own the division!" It should have been obvious based on how he handled the Cutler and Marshall debacles in the offseason that this guy wasnt quite ready for the big time, but now its even a bit more clear. While we dont want to hate on a guy for being young and successful, we are pretty sure we dont need the coach of our team out on the field before the game taunting the studs on the other sideline.