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Big Props for the Big Aristotle

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We at FOF and spend a fair amount of time picking apart the stupid moves and blunders made by the major players in Pro Sports on and off the court.  Chalk it up to the spirit of Thanksgiving or perhaps the mixture of last nights booze and a touching episode of Glee, but it seems appropriate to give a shout out to Shaq as he proves yet again that he is not only one of the most entertaining men in the history of sports but also one of the most decent.  You can read about the full story HERE, but suffice it to say the Diesel will always have a roster spot available on our squad.

There are lots of good deeds by sports personalities that don't garner the attention they deserve.  For example, I heard on sports radio that Mark Sanchez would be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the entire Jets organization, but since the jets are tanking and Sanchez is struggling, the New York media has barely touched the story.   Shaq just happened to be the first headline I saw today, but kudos to all the great things people in sports do to improve the lives of others. 

Feels free to let us know about other humanitarian acts in the comments.  Happy Thanksgiving from and