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Seeing a batter hit a bird out of the sky happens about almost yearly. Hockey see's its share of octopi and rats throughout the season. Even football has animals appear on the field every now and then. But flying mammals interrupting a basketball game? In an arena? That's just batty. Literally.

On Saturday, Oct. 31, a bat managed to somehow enter the Alamodome. My best guess is that someone brought it in to the arena as a Halloween gag, but I'm no expert...San Antonio could be swarming with bats for all I know. After a number of interruptions, and a few attempts by "The Coyote" to catch it with a net, the bat was still on the loose. But that all changed when the bat entered Manu Ginobili's personal space. Bat-Manu swatted the pest out of thin air with his bare hand and slammed it to the hardwood.

Reports are mixed on whether the bat survived. But it's official - the Spurs went on to beat the Kings, and Manu is a certified badass.

Check out the video below for proof.

Manu Ginobili versus The Bat (via NBA)