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Drew + Larry sittin in a tree...

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Fresh off the heels of KC Chief Larry Johnson's public gay slurring, NBA-er Drew Gooden has dropped the same lame insult out on some unsuspecting Staples Center fans. We knew that both Gooden & LJ were big school, overrated semi-busts, but hadn't previously noticed their similar homosexual tendencies and the obvious cover cover-up comments.

While we all knew about Gooden's strange facial hair, we didn't realize how figurative that 'beard' would be, as its clearly serving as a masculine front for his real preferences. We once saw Gooden waiting online at the side door at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel on Miami Beach where he was getting a table with a bunch of other dudes that didnt seem to fit the normal NBA star entourage type. The excessive amounts of white linen and well kept skinny beards should have been a give away, but we were too busy getting in before him and his 'boys' (well it helps when you're with good looking gals).

The real kicker in this story is that the fans were supposedly not even harassing Gooden, since he was in street clothes and not even playing in the game. And the worst part of all is that this wasn't a Laker game - it was a Clippers game. Can you imagine... As if Clipper's fans really need any more verbal abuse!