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Concussions Ain't No Thing

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Add this to the list of reasons why Hines Ward has established himself this year as one of the biggest assholes in the NFL.  Before last night's matchup against the Ravens, Ward sat down with Bob Costas where he questioned Big Ben's decision to sit out after suffering a concussion in their game last week at Kansas City.  

Ward said he could understand how teammates might question Ben for not playing after suffering from a concussion.  He was upset that after Ben practiced all week, he sat the game out after doctors recommended he do so because he experienced headaches later in the week.  Ward also related how he had lied to doctors to play after suffering a concussion and how he had played with a concussion before.

I guess I respect Ward for having no regard for his future by playing through a concussion, but it seems pretty stupid to question a player who has helped you win 2 Super Bowls.  Big Ben is such a coward for wanting to protect himself from the possibility of severe, life-shortening neurological disorders.  If only he was as much a man as Ward, a guy that was voted by NFL players as the dirtiest player in the league and is known for  hitting defenseless players from the blind side when they are not involved with the play.  

Safe to say we aren't going to sign guys that are universally hated and loathed around the league for being a cheap shot artist and questions teammates that don't want to live like a punch drunk boxer after they retire.