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Pete Carroll Pulls a Harbaugh

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Carroll's USC Trojans capped off their season with a 28-7 victory over rival UCLA.  Carroll decided to throw a deep pass, that resulted in a touchdown with 52 seconds remaining with the Trojans already up 21-7 and in total control of the game.  This resulted in the entire USC sideline erupting in celebrations like they had just won the national championship with Carroll joining in the fun.  UCLA wanted to brawl, but officials and coaches stepped in to prevent any possibility of this happening.  

After the game Big Balls Pete said he thought it wasn't a big deal because UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel had called a timeout on the play before, indicating to him the game was not over.  He then tried to convince the media that he had no problem with Stanford coach, Jim Harbaugh, going for a two-point conversion last week with Stanford already leading 48-21, which we all know is bullshit.  

I'm all for teams trying to utterly destroy their rivals.  If Michigan was up 38-0 against Ohio State (currently impossible) I would love if we put in another touchdown, went for two, planted a Michigan flag in the endzone and invited Lloyd Carr back to the sidelines so he could burn a replica Jim Tressel sweater vest.  

I don't care that Carroll went for an emphatic F-U touchdown against UCLA, USC's biggest rival,  but if you bitch and whine about a team running up the score on you after a decade of you doing the same to every team in your conference, don't go out the next week and do the same thing to somebody else.