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Chefs Fans not "Satisfied" With Larry Johnson

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Ok, I'll admit that the headline of this article might be a little past it's prime.  For those of you that are still understandably lost, I'm referencing the ten  twelve year old Snicker's commercial where the endzone painter left out the "I" in CHIEFS.  Having to explain a reference is never a good start, but I can't for the life of me think of anything else associated with the Chiefs during the last ten years or so.  I'll leave it to you to speculate whether that was caused by the invention of TiVO or a lengthy period of incarceration.  Oh wait..."human joystick" and Dick Vermeil crying about Trent Green...those are two more things.

With that explanation out of the way FOF would like to highlight some fan's that have decided to take a stand againt everyone's least favorite, diaper wearing homophobe, Larry "not Gandmama" Johnson.  It seems that the Arrowhead faithful have had enough of LJ's antics, and have started an Online Petition urging the Chiefs' front office to deactivate him.  Specifically, the fans are seeking to prevent Johnson from dashingplodding into their record books and replacing the always classy Priest Holmes as the franchise's leading rusher.  Personally, LJ as a runner always reminded me of my little sister's Barbie Corvette Powerwheels.  It had one gear, ran out of batteries after 20 minutes and if I took it anywhere, it just screamed "gay." 

Joking aside (yes those were jokes), we applaud these fans efforts for taking a stand, and for trying to hold their players accountable.  The petition is accompanied by a well reasoned thought out letter expressing their concerns.  If you have time, check it out and sign the PETITION.