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Hey Beerman!

Pictured: A delicious mug of frosty gold.
Pictured: A delicious mug of frosty gold.

A few of us recently went to the Miami - OU game in So Fla at the newly named Landshark Stadium, which is Jimmy Buffet's brand of beer (sort of like Corona). While they do serve Landshark brews on tap, which are actually pretty good (but best served when in a tropical locale like Miami), they only have them in a few of the concession stands. Since we aren't really all about hunting through the stadium for a "special" beer, once the cans we snuck in were empty, we refreshed at the nearest beer line which only offered Miller Lite. This was actually a very suitable replacement, as Miller Lite was the only beer they sold at The Orange Bowl (Miami's former home), so it was historically the most appropriate choice for a Canes game.

However, it seemed like a pretty ridiculous idea that we were standing in Landshark Stadium, but were relegated to drinking Miller Lite's. Not to say that we are beer snobs - I spent many years truly believing High Life was 25% champagne - but if we're gonna pay $10 a beer we wouldn't mind they offer at least as much of a selection as the guy pushing a cart through the tailgating lot roasting bacon wrapped hot dogs.

So, when we buy our team we will definitely have a healthy mix of brew options and better price points - unless of course one sponsor wants to pay a boatload to own our beer vending outright, which would still have to pass the fan's taste test.