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At least Al Davis is trying...

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What better way to follow up on a story about the Yankees and their M.C. Hammer like spending, than linking to a story about the cheapest owner in sports, Donald Sterling.  Deadspin has compiled a great list of Sterling's examples of prickishness.  I can't even pick out the worst thing Donald has done off this list, but rest assured the list provides no shortage of reasons to give this Schmo-hawk a swift punch to the face.  Sterling's most recent crap upon the people of Los Angeles comes in the form of housing discrination law suit, which will be settled out of court.

With all the emphasis on players off-court/field activities, how come league Czars like David Stern and Roger Goodell aren't paying attention to the misdeeds of the guys at the top of the food chain.    If Stern is so concerned with his players scrapes with the law, wearing suits on game day, and bickering with refs then he should certainly take a stronger stance against an owner who has no respect for basic civil rights.  I'd say that this is a bigger deal than whether Allen Iverson wears his pants at the appropriate level.

Here's the guarantee, when our team takes the field...we will never do anything on this list.