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Old Skool Fresh

Apparently hippies like baseball too!
Apparently hippies like baseball too!

Doing some holiday shopping in San Fran, we came across a store with a rad collection of minor league throwback fits in a surprising locale. On the infamous corner of Haight & Ashbury where Jerry Garcia used to hang out dropping acid and rocking out, the hippies have been pushed out and replaced by hipsters and there is a touristy t-shirt store (creatively titled "Haight/Ashbury T-Shirts") that has one of the most impressive collections of tie-dyed shirts and patchouli incense we've seen. Although it doesn't seem to mesh so well with the counter-culture feel of the store, they currently have a window display on Haight devoted to old skool minor league team branded t-shirts that got us to pause and oggle as we picked out our favorite (The 1959 Miami Beach Flamingos on the far right in the pic). We inquired about the shirts and apparently they were all made by Seattle based Ebbets Field Flannels, which you can check out online @ or if you're in the great northwest, they've got a factory outlet in their home city.

We are very much looking forward to the process of picking our team name, mascot and logo, and expect to get some great ideas from the fans to make sure ours turns out a bit better than the "Bean Eaters" (even though they are a magical fruit).