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Bill Belichick - Smart Move There Guy

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The Patriots are in the heart of a playoff push, they need to be totally focused on making the post-season. At this point the last thing they need is distractions. That's why Bill Belichick's decision to send home Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas (and two other dudes) for being late to a team meeting is all the more dumbfounding. First of all he's pissed off two of his best player's, undoubtedly created tension in the locker room, and created a national story that the media will be all over. Seeing is Bill looks about as comfortable as a priest who accidentally brought his kids to a 2 Live Crew concert during press conferences you would think he'd do anything to avoid anything that brought on any type of media attention. We at Project Franchise think Bill is a great x's and o's guy but we now think that he might be one of those Rain Main type of retarded genius' who just knows football and doesn't really have the ability to grasp concepts that aren't related to the field of play - he surely has no clue how to dress. We can say that if our star player's were late because they were trapped in a snow storm we would dispatch our personnel to greet them at their car's with hot chocolate and blankets...Do you agree with Bill? Are we being too lax? Are you a "rule's are the rule's" person or are you a "best interest of the team" person?