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Fan Photos

We recently got turned on to Pic App - which is a very cool site where bloggers can get access to sweet, high quality photos. And they happen to have a lot of gems of rabid fans going nuts, which is very useful for us in our sponsorship pitches, on our blog, site etc. Below are a sample of some we're using, but if you have any pics of you or your friends wildin' out at a sporting event, send them our way!

UPI POY 2009 - Sports Baltimore Ravens v Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints v Washington Redskins Patriots-Dolphins North Carolina v Kentucky Oregon State v Oregon Koelner Haie v Hannover Scorpions - DEL New England Patriots v New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Arizona v Arizona State Arizona v Arizona State Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs New York Islanders v Washington Capitals Cincinnati Bengals v Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings leaps into the stands after scoring a touchdown on a 50-yard pass in Green Bay, Wisconsin Buccaneers v Redskins Ohio State v Penn State