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Although anyone with at least one wobbly glass eye could have seen this coming from a mile away, Univ of Cincinnati football head coach Brian Kelly has left the upstart program he created for greener pastures (or at least a lot of green) in South Bend. Kelly had a brief, albeit wildly successful, run in the Natti where he helped take a team that was mediocre in a non-BCS conference and turn them into a near national title contender.

But his team is P-O'd.

And not the, "Oh well we understand the opportunity" kind of semi-bothered - I mean there were definitely some serious "M-Fer" bombs dropped behind closed doors. Heck in front of the media they even claimed he had nothing to do with their success and that they were going to win in the bowl game literally in spite of him. YIKES - doesnt look like they'll be honoring him with a plaque on a bench in the locker room anytime soon.

Connecticut v Cincinnati

From this angle he looks a lot like Charlie Weiss...

Having been at Miami when we finished the 2000 season in 2nd place and knew we were on the verge of getting back to the title game, only to see Butch Davis flee for the NFL just before signing day, I know the feeling all too well (side note: I happened to be in the UM quad selling ESPN magazine subscriptions for charity that day, so I guess that made me the sports expert that the local news wanted to interview on the subject - so I provided a high quality, lengthy answer questioning his decision and the only clip that made the evening news was me saying 'Cleveland?!?! - UGH!'... so I know how Charlie feels on that whole taken out of context thing). And I don't mind the players wanting to win out of spite and feeling like they were the reason they won - and if those guys are as good as that 2000 Canes team then they'll go out next year and win a national championship while some bozo offensive coordinator roams the sidelines pretending to coach (ahem, Larry Coker) - unfortunately for all of the Bearcat football fans (or should i say "both of them"), I dont think this team is quite as deep as The U and may be en route to a serious beat down at the hands of Urban & Timmy, who surely want to end their romance on a high note in the Sugar Bowl, and probably a quick fade back into college football oblivion. So while just starting to come out of our own dark era since the departure of Butch (and his players), it pains me to tell the UC fans that Kelly probably was the reason that they were any good and that while he seems like an A*hole, you'll be wishing you had him back in no time... Hey, at least the basketball team is back to looking like they belong in the Top 25 - onward to March Madness!