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Brandon Marshall Lights It Up

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Let's give Brandon Marshall major props for an achievement that's not getting nearly enough attention today. Yesterday Marshall set the NFL record for receptions in a game with 21 catches, 200 yards and 2 TD's and somehow there has been a debate over how great an achievement this really is.  The fact that somebody can question how impressive it is for a player to catch 21 balls (ahaha I said catching balls) is complete bullshit.  

It's not like Marshall's was catching a bunch of wide receiver screens and ducking out bounce.  Several of his catches were over the middle of the field, an area where wide receivers are susceptible to taking monster hits.  Mike Wilbon on PTI today demonstrated his lack of intelligence by saying it seemed that this was a record that Jerry Rice or any great wide receiver could have achieved at any time if they wanted too?

That makes sense only if you're an idiot, which Wilbon clearly is.  Marshall is the Broncos No. 1 wide receiver and is the main focus of every team's secondary every time he is on the field.  The game plan of most teams in defending Denver's passing attack is to take away Marshall, meaning he often faces coverage with the safeties shading over to whatever side of the field Marshall is.  This allows corners to play him in tight, press coverage.  So yeah I guess it's really unimpressive that Marshall caught 21 of Kyle Orton's 29 completions.

It's not like Marshall is getting much help with any other receivers on the team providing viable threats.  The second leading receiver is Jabar Gaffney who has 32 catches for 448 yards and a grand total of 0 touchdowns.  B-Marsh has 86 catches for 1,008 yards and 9 TD's needless to say teams aren't very concerned with other players punishing them in the passing game. 

Here's to Brandon.  You were an absolute beast yesterday, doing everything you possibly could to lead your otherwise ineffective offense in a comeback attempt on the road in Indianapolis against one of the league's best teams.  Don't let the fools get you down homey.  The crew here at Front Office Fans salutes your historic achievement.