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12/14/09 - Arnie's Army (of fans)

Arnold Palmer - In light of the amazingly abrupt fall from grace suffered by the worlds most popular athlete, it seems very timely for Sportscenter's newest ad to feature the most beloved golfer of all time leaving even SC anchors in awe. "The General" was a great golfer, easily in the top 10 to ever live, but he most certainly was not the greatest of all time, and wasn't even the greatest of his own era(s). But that didnt matter - the sea of fans roaming the course weren't known as Nickaus's Navy, rather they were Arnie's Army. His personality and charm helped, but it was his relate-ability and accessibility that made him such a hit with the gallery - which  is something that Tiger, the secretive, stand-offish star could definitely take a note from at this point in time. For the last 10 years, the thing that drove Tiger was catching up with Jack's 19 majors, but when he gets back on the course we think Tiger will be better served working to get himself back to Arnie's status than Jacks.

In celebration of Arnie, and his delicious signature drink, SC has a new ad running where The General fills up a cup in Bristol while SS and SVP watch on in delighted amazement...