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Quote of the Hour

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In coming to the live MNF post-game show from Candlestick an excited Stuart Scott announced they were in "The City by the Bay... some people call it the 'Yay Area'!"

We're all for SS and his hip hop culture references - the original "Booyah" was legendary - but he's getting too old for this stuff. For starters that "Buck is when internal artistry...." blah blah blah line is straight lame, yet he seems to go to it on the regular - somewhere in Compton Lil C cringes every time he hears it. And now this one is just plain silly - does he know what exactly he's saying?! For out of towners or those not in the know, "Yay Area" is a reference to the heavy local crack cocaine drug business that many believe originated in Oakland - doesn't really seem appropriate for a sports TV show who's hippest star, Steve Young, is a mormon lawyer.

Glad to hear he is finally bumping E-40, but SS may want to run the rap lyrics by his kids before he busts em out on air.