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12/14/09 - Randy Being Randy

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Randy Moss - Sure we love having him on our fantasy team and he's not quite TO, but his time in New England is getting dangerously close to looking like his last season in Minnesota and that disaster in Oakland. While this may all blow over and be a couple of "misunderstandings", its a bit suspicious, especially for a guy with Randy's rep. The first issue where he was late to a team meeting and go sent home by Darth Hoodie, seemed like it actually could have been the result of a wicked NorEaster and not his fault - but to follow that up with a half-ass performance against a not-very-good Panthers team just seems a bit sketchy. Now the Pats version of Randy Moss should go out there and light it up the last few weeks of the season, get New England into the playoffs and be the hero (and probably carry quite a few fantasy owners to fantasy playoff bliss), but for right now he seems to be reverting to the same old Randy, and thats not a guy we want dragging our bench down.