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Identity Crisis

Recently, the Florida Panthers unveiled and debuted their newest jersey. Take a look at the picture to the left. At first glance, could you tell which team was the Panthers? I couldn't, and I grew up in South Florida.

Besides the fact that they borrowed more than a little from the Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey, Florida's newest jersey says nothing about the team being panthers. In fact, these might be the least intimidating jerseys I've ever seen.

Back in the day, when the team was known for slap-shooting rats in their locker room, the team looked fierce. Their jerseys were mainly a blood-like red color with a toothy Panther, mouth wide open. On these alts, the panther head is barely noticeable, and the only red that exists is the kitty's tongue. The round team name logo was straight jacked off the Penguins jerseys, as were the colors. I could see these being ok with the red in place of the baby blue, or gold for that matter, but baby blue? Why not fuchsia or burnt sienna? Either of those colors makes about as much sense as baby blue.

As for the new FLA tag, it looks more like a new logo for the SunPass express lane or some new tourism brand instead of a hockey team. What was their marketing department thinking? "We need a logo for our hockey team...something that says we're a brutal, toothless, cold as ice, bloody hockey about a sun with a state abbreviation?"

The uniform itself is fine, it just doesn't fit the Florida Panther's brand at all, and just plain doesn't make sense. We here at are all for alternate and throwback jerseys, especially when they're "out of the box" (big fan of these and these), but these just don't make sense and rank amongst the worst (or just plain stupidest) alternate jersey ever.