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We are all for Jerry Jones mega-humungo-jumbotron at the new stadium in Dallas, but this idea of using the screen for fans sitting in the stands to watch 3D, seems like a bit of a stretch. We definitely want a sweet HD screen in our stadium - and you best believe the Owners box is going to look like a Vegas Sports Book - but the 3D concept just takes the idea of the game and makes it a little too much of a movie for us, taking away the realness and fun of being in the ballpark.

However, unlike most stadiums we will plan to pull in some type of cable or DirecTV feed so that the jumbotron will be able to show not just the live game but clips (between innings, pre/postgame) of other events going on around the world of sports. And, ideally, we'll even be able to use our sweet HD screen for events out of season where fans can come to the park to watch big sporting events like the Super Bowl or World Series - even if our team isnt playing in them.

And, if the fans really want it, we'll rock it like a drive in and break out the movies... maybe even in 3D.