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Soccer Fans Scream Loud

It seems like soccer fans have really taken the lead in getting themselves involved in their sports and their team's management - in Europe there are a variety of the other kind of football teams that are run by the fans, most notably Barcelona, which is equivalent to the Steelers just where the guys waiving the terrible towels are also casting votes for things like the GM of the team - which supposedly is a bigger deal than the mayoral election in town.

With that in mind, our friends at the Seattle Sounders of the MLS are also pushing the fan agenda by including a council that helps guide team decisions. One of the council members runs team's blog on SB and had a very interesting post on how the MLS could open up and get a much greater level of fan involvement...



Recently Jimmy Conrad wrote a piece at ESPN's Soccernet about his vision for MLS.  He likens it to Linux, but honestly, his ideas are not in the mold of Linux.  Sure, he's willing to respond and listen to feedback, but he is not necessarily advocating adopting an Open Source and/or Democratic model for MLS, just for his own "blog" at Soccernet.

It would be much more dynamic if Major League Soccer, took the democracy ball that Sounders FC is only playing with and instead bent it into the net from about 40 yards out.  Open the league up to further input from Supporters and Fans and Bloggers.  Make decisions not with the input from focus groups, but instead people who represent constituencies and who want the same thing that the League and Clubs want - Financial and On Pitch success.

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