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Tiger Tiger Tiger....SMH, or Am I?

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The only thing that compares to winning a Major for Tiger is getting freaky with a hot hostess!
The only thing that compares to winning a Major for Tiger is getting freaky with a hot hostess!

Besides being the greatest golfer of all time and one of the most famous people currently walking the earth Tiger Woods also appears to be a world class snatch hound. I just heard a voicemail he left for some broad telling her to switch up her outgoing message because his wife saw her name in his phone and was probably going to call her. He sounded like your everyday sneaky husband trying cover his tracks (his high ass voice makes him sound extra douchey) - he definitely didn't sound like a living legend on the recording, plus shouldn't a guy like that have people that take care of that type of stuff for them? Now i think its kinda messed up that he cheated on his wife and that it might lead to divorce and the toll it may take on his kids blah blah blah. Just so you know those snot nosed kids are heirs to a billion dollar fortune and it's not like they would be spending tons of time with their dad anyway so I 'am not gonna shed a lot of tears for those little punks. The good news here is that Tiger is into hot chicks!!! Thank F-ing God!!! - so many athletes and celebrities these days are into dumpy plain janes ie Letterman, Roethlisberger, and Bill Clinton. Frank Sinatra wouldn't dream of taking an hand job under the dinner table from anything less than a 9.5. The first broad Rachel Uchitel is supposedly a certified piece of ass that most guys would cut off a pinky toe to have sexual relations with. Bottom line, this whole thing blows over, Tiger breaks Jack's Major's record and at the end he takes his place along with the Jordan's and Ali's of the world. In the meantime he travels the world plays the best golf courses in the world and bangs out the hottest broads you've ever seen. Tough Life.