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Our First Locker

We've made some new friends with the guys over at, a site dedicated to helping athletes get a voice in the sports world so they can tell the fans what's really going on for them on and off the field - something tells me Tiger wishes his Locker Blog was up last week.

We'll be working with them in the coming months to help spread the news about Project Franchise and on a few other initiatives that will help us grow the PF community as we work to get our players in the locker room and our team on the field.

Check out the Project Franchise Locker

And, on the subject of getting pro athletes involved, we've been discussing the idea of signing up some former Fan Favorite sports stars to help promote Project Franchise - we'd love to have Jordan be the face of PF, but thats probably not very realistic, so vote on some of our early nominations and post comments below with your suggestions as well.