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The Local Story For Minor League Teams

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This week a couple of our SB friends wrote interesting posts where they interviewed the local mayor of towns where their favorite major league teams have, or are considering having, a minor league presence.

First is a post from The Copper & Blue about the Edmonton Oilers setting up an AHL team in Oklahoma City.

Then the Bleed Cubby Blue guys ran an interview with the mayor of Mesa, Arizona, where the Cubs are working on renegotiating their deal to continue holding Spring Training.

Both posts are pretty interesting and help provide some prospective into the relationship between sports teams and local markets - even on a minor league level. As we've done a bunch of exploratory work with a variety of league commissioners and team owners, its become very clear that having a supportive local government makes a huge difference in the team's ability to succeed and grow - so that is definitely high on the list of requirements for the team that we take over and the market they play in.