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How Are Things In Your Neck Of The Woods?

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Sunday was a tough day for me, first my fantasy team decided to sh*t the proverbial bed, the 49ers were officially eliminated from the playoffs and I am sure somewhere the Warriors lost. Maybe the Sharks won, but who knows and who really care's? The Raider's won and that was positive but they are still a long ways away. The A's continue to make a series of confounding moves that seem to guarantee them cellar status in the AL West and possibly a move to Las Vegas. Needless to say on Sunday night I felt like i needed to join a support group for fans with no hope, or at least up my dosage of Prozac. My friend summed it up pretty well when he sent me this email:

“The Warriors blow, the Raiders and Niners are harder to figure out than female sex organs, fantasy football ended in ball stomping defeat, where the F are those pitchers and catchers? It's time for baseball, and if anyone wants to talk about the A's lack of apparent strategy or our chances of finishing higher than fifth in our division (yes I'm aware there are four teams) please let me know. I need a break from this misery"

Does any fan base have a future outlook as terrible as the Bay Area? Let me know if you think your situation is worse - misery just loves company!