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UFC's Next Big Step: Toronto?

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So, i had a bit of a rough day yesterday. Got my wisdom teeth yanked out. Turns out that isn't the most pleasant experience in the world.

At the end of the day, I was a little bit out of it, but on the TV in front of me, I'm pretty sure Ontario's Premier (think, Governor) Dalton McGuinty held a little media scrum and said that he was open to sanctioning MMA bouts in the province. Much like New York, Ontario has long been a target of Dana White and the UFC, who have spoken of plans to hold an event at the Rogers' Centre, formerly the SkyDome, where they'd probably be able to squeeze in over 60,000 fans. Earlier this month, the province of British Columbia announced that it would be legalizing MMA, making room for the UFC to plan an event in Vancouver in the coming months.

There are still obstacles to be crossed, but it's pretty tantilizing to imagine Georges St. Pierre rolling past Dan Hardy and then heading to Canada later this year, in front of a sold-out, record-breaking UFC crowd to lay waste to, oh, let's say, Josh Koscheck.

With events planned in a bunch of interesting international hotspots, the Vancouver market ready to be taken over, and continuing rumors about Toronto and New York City coming into play, there may be a lot of monumental UFC events on the horizon. It may still be a little bit of a wait, but it's exciting enough to make my mouth feel just a little bit better.