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Give Fans A Fair Fight

So the much anticipated early fight of the 21st century between Manny and Money Mayweather is supposedly off after Pac Man's promoter Bob Arum claimed that Floyd's camp was trying to skirt the fight by making unreasonable demands for doping testing to be handled by the same folks who do the Olympics - which would basically mean they could be forced to give blood, by surprise, in the dressing room 10 minutes before the fight. While I understand that could mess with someone's psychey, its pretty hard to envision Manny being that scared of a needle or it being such a big problem that he would turn down an estimated $50mil payout. While I don't think Pac Man is on the juice, nor do i think Floyd is genuinely scared to fight him - but can these guys just get this deal done already. For boxing fans, this is their last great shot at the sport becoming relevant again - and if some questions about drug tests doom this fight, then they might as well put a nail in the coffin of the sport and move the UFC to HBO.I'm not the worlds biggest boxing fan, but I do make sure I watch every big fight, and I really enjoy big fight nights. There is nothing more exciting than the hype and fanfare and few sporting events (really except maybe the Super Bowl) get everyone's attention as much as a major fight - and by all accounts this would be the biggest one since Tyson bit Holyfields ear off, which is a night I can still remember very vividly even though I was only around 14 (we got it on PPV and had lobsters shipped out from Legal in Boston and had all of my uncles and friends, etc over to watch - a great night that lived up to the hype).

I'm confident that there is so much money and so much for the sport at play that both sides will figure it out and wont let something like a needle prick get in the way - but enough with the shenanigans boxing, its time to give the fans what they want or risk losing them all for good.