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A pair of NBA gifts for Xmas

Tomorrow, after most of us open our gifts and get through the fake smiling when you open the hideous sweater from your grandmother or book you already read from your aunt, we will be sitting around the tube and flipping through whatever sports has made the holiday schedule. Unlike the suckiness of watching the Lions and Cowboys on Turkey Day in recent years has been pretty high, we are quite thankful that David Stern continues to run the most fan friendly league around and is giving us a pair of gems for Christmas Day. There are technically 5 games on the docket, but its the two in the middle that have us the most excited. First is a matchup of the last two Eastern Conf champs when the Celts head down to Orlando for what should be a solid, physical game of two NBA Finals hopefuls. Dwight Howard has solidified himself as the most dominant big man in the NBA, while KG is back to MVP form this season. While Paul Pierce is going to miss the game with a knee injury, the truth is that we're watching because we want to see VC. While he tends to take a variety of plays a game off, when he wants to be, he is still one of the most fun and exciting players in the NBA - and almost no one is more clutch.

However, that game is just the appetizer - as the Christmas Ham is the late afternoon Cavs - Lakers showdown in LA. The amount of intriguing side stories is ridiculous: possible Finals preview - Kobe vs Lebron for best baller on the planet - Shaq retuning to the stadium he built. Its definitely the Kobe vs Lebron angle that we are most excited for. At a time in sports, and in a league where its so important, we are superstar obsessed and these guys are two of the biggest in the world. So tonight when our stalkings are hung and we are writing Santa a note, we are gonna be hoping that for Xmas we get a showdown where each guy goes for 50+ and somebody hits a ridiculous buzzer beater to pull out the win... or at least something more exciting than watching the Lions get mauled, again.