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Going Bowling All Month Long

Admittedly, I'm a college football nut and honestly am thrilled that Bowl Season has become a month-long, non-stop festival of games - but as I was flipping through the tube today and came upon the "Little Caesars Bowl" showing a Dec 26 match up between Marshall and Ohio, I had to wonder, "Who Cares?!"

Surely the local fans in Detroit weren't adding "Tickets to the Little Caeser Bowl" to their Xmas wish list - and I can't imagine the 8 football fans from Ohio Univ (not Oh St) bothered spending their holiday in a hotel in suburban Detroit, gearing up in anticipation for today's early kick. Between "We Are Marshall" and that awesome teammate-literally-carrying-him drive by Byron Leftwich in the GMAC Bowl many moons ago, we are admittedly rooting for the Thundering Herd - but we cant imagine that many West Virginian's are hopping on a plane to the D-Town to watch.

While we get that bowls are a nice reward to a decent season - keep in mind that Marshall finished 6-6 and their coach is "resigning" after this game - and we know that they help bring in revenues for the schools to fund scholarships, blah, blah, blah - but we are left scratching our heads as to why they even bothered to make this game, let alone play it. The only humorous part of the story is that they couldn't have possibly have found a better sponsor, bc if you eat a slice of Little Caesars pizza I suspect you will soon agree that you'd rather go hungry than have another piece.

Koelner Haie v Hannover Scorpions - DEL

Looks like this guy just had a slice of pepperoni at the Little Caesars bowl.