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12/28/09 - Victor's Vice

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Victor Conte - For this final edition of the decade of our 'Weekly Picks', we're featuring the single person from around the sports world who deserves to be dropped from our team before anyone else. That person, beyond any shadow of a doubt is Victor Conte - the dope pedelling founder of BALCO. While there are a variety of people around baseball that deserve a bit of the blame for the influx of steroids - Jose, Barry, Bud, etc - there is no one more sinister and central to the scandal than Conte. With his creepy skinny stache, and slicked back bald cut, the guy just oozes sleaziness. His company is credited with creating untestable steroids and HGH that were re-popularized in the late 90's and spilled into this decade, forever tarnishing the most prized records in baseball. His slimy reach knew no boundaries, no only infesting the greatest players in the game (Bonds & A-Rod), but also the fan favorites (McGwire & Sosa) and even the all-American pitchers who seemed above the juice (Clemens & Pettite) - and, frankly, lord knows how many more folks around the MLB. And although BALCO reached beyond baseball to former NFL-ers like Bill Romanowski and even to female track stars like Marion Jones, it will forever be his tie to our nation's past-time that will live in infamy, and for that we would gladly be the one's to cut him from out team.