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Quote of the Hour: More Neil Everett Gold

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Today old Neil was intro'ing the highlights from the Big Ten/ACC Challenge - in the SportsCenter studio they had the "Commisioners Cup" which is the trophy that goes to the event's champion (who knew?). While they were showing a shot of the trophy you hear Neil off camera say, "I'd fill that thing with Starbursts" he then pauses and says, "just the pink and red one's though". I couldn't agree more with Neil's sentiments, i feel that pink Starburst's might be the best flavor that god ever created. 9 times out of ten when I see those bags of Starburst's hanging in the back of concession stands at sporting events I will buy them - many a times the combination of 12 beers and starbursts have lead to amazing technicolor puking sessions (one was so colorfully awesome that I snapped a camera phone photo of it to save for ever). So for you guys and gals out there - what is your favorite treat when you go out to the ball game?