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The Bulls' Rough Weekend

The Bulls had a rough weekend.  On a nationally televised game on Friday night, they got manhandled in the second half of a 101-87 defeat to the Cavaliers in Cleveland.  The big story coming out of this game however had to do with Joakim Noah and Lebron James' spat in the fourth quarter.  With Lebron taking a free throw and the score in favor of Cleveland 89-71, Noah picked that to be the perfect time to begin jawing at James.

In defense of Noah, James was showboating a bit by dancing around the court and shaking his shoulders after a missed layup.  Noah was a bit irked by the perceived disrespect and felt the need to let James know, according to Ric Bucher, that "this is so f***ing old" and "you're a bitch".  

Then again this is Joakim Noah we are talking about.  It's hard enough to take this Sideshow Bob looking clown seriously enough without him talking trash to the reigning league MVP, while sitting on the bench trailing by close to 20 points .  If somebody wants to call out Lebron for his antics, I'd leave that up to the Kobes, Wades, Garnetts and Duncans of the world.

If you're a Bulls fan though you could at least take some pride in the knowledge that one of your players was pissed off about getting wrecked by a division rival and didn't take it sitting down (figuratively speaking).  With Toronto coming to visit Chicago the next day you probably figured the Bulls would put up at least 150 points and win the game by 40.  

Unfortunately that's not quite what happened.  The Bulls lost the game 110-78, but the worst part is what took place in the last 15 seconds of the third quarter while trailing 86-58 at that point.

If you're an NBA team you just can't let that happen, especially not a day after you just got worked and had a guy sitting on the bench running his mouth to last year's MVP.  Even worse was that when asked about it after the game Jack said he wasn't trying to show the Bulls up, but decided to tie his shoe when he saw their defense was out of sync and thought he could straighten out his laces while the Bulls got organized.

You know it's bad when you have players on a 9-13 Raptors team, fresh off of giving up 146 points earlier in the week to Atlanta taking pity on you and showing some mercy.  This that should happen to the Nets, not to a team that showed a lot of fight and promise in a seven game playoff classic against the Celtics last year.