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This year's Furby is...

LEGGINGS! Throwbacks have been all the rage since they started appearing in NFL games and since Mitchell & Ness started cranking them out, but this winter's hot seller is not a jersey. It's a pair of 50-year-old butt ugly brown and yellow high socks that the Denver Broncos have been strutting around this season.

According to the NYTimes, "Tim Kellond, who runs the Broncos’ team store in Denver...has sold more than 1,800 pairs of the high socks at $14.95 and receives about 250 calls a week from customers asking when more will arrive from the manufacturer who, he said, has run out of brown yarn."

As you might've read in a previous article on, we strongly believe that throwback shorts would be a hot seller if teams were to start selling them. But socks? Seriously? We're all for throwbacks, and to be honest, we actually think Denver's throwback unis look pretty saucy, but what are you going to do with a pair of throwback leggings? Heck, what would you do with a pair of CURRENT leggings? Does anyone actually wear these out in public?

We can't imagine anyone in their right mind wearing these in any public venue (including INVESCO Field at Mile High) but here's a challenge for you - if you see someone out on the town wearing a pair of Broncos throwback socks, take a picture, email us and the first person to submit a picture will win a Jeff Kent LA Dodgers bobblehead. Cause seriously, a Jeff Kent bobblehead is MORE exciting a pair of socks.