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12/7/09 - It's a jungle out there

Tiger Woods - The shocking fall from grace of the worlds most recognizable athlete over the last couple of weeks is unreal. The guy spent 20 years in the spotlight building a squeaky clean image and turning into one of the greatest athletes of all time and arguably one of the most famous men to ever live - but in a matter of a few short days that has completely and utterly collapsed. He is now an philandering dirtbag who apparently DUI's in a residential neighborhood and gets his ass beat by a woman. OUCH. Has there been a single athlete who has gone from so high to so low so quickly?! I mean even OJ made a pit stop on the way down in the Naked Gun movies, but this is just from top to bottom in a flash. As Hef so eloquently explained, the real surprise should be that any of us are surprised, but somehow it just didn't seem like Tiger was just another athlete - and mostly because he wasn't. He was a buttoned up golfer who went to Stanford and ran his own charity and looked clean cut and lived in the suburbs and loved his father and... got way too famous and had way too much power to be able to turn down a hot piece of a$$. While we are genuinely rooting for him to make a comeback, we've got to admit that right now he's just too much of a liability to keep him on our bench... plus who knows what kind of STD's we'd get from letting him in the locker room shower.