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The Jerk Store Called...

<strong>I can't see too good, is that Michael Jordan over there?</strong>
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I can't see too good, is that Michael Jordan over there? via

and they're running out of Brandt Anderson...who coincidentally has a surplus of consonants in his first name.  Here are two things we know  1. NBA D-League games are apparently not as hot a ticket as Yankees/Red Sox, and 2. Michael Jordan's presence could probably sell out a screening of "Old Dogs" at the Superdome. 

 With that in mind, Brandt Anderson, owner of the D-League's Utah Flash offered $100,000 for a charity 1 on 1 game between Michael Jordan and Bryon Russell.  This seemed like a brilliant marketing stunt, the plan went south, however, when it became clear that his Airness had no intention of making a cameo in December.   Anderson put Plan B into action when he took a cue from every two bit club promoter and did the next logical thing...he planted a rumor that MJ was going to appear.  He  went so far as to hire an MJ look-a-like to sashay around Provo with some faux bodyguards and fan the flames.  Anderson's plan worked, to the extent that 7,500 people showed up at the game...the plan backfired when the fans in attendance inevitably discovered that the impostor was not Jordan (perhaps the most recognizable sports figure since Andre the Giant.)

There's really nothing worse then a wealthy sports team owner duping fans out of their hard earned money to make a quick buck.  This case is the exception, however, because the apology is actually worse than the lie itself.  To apologize for tricking fans to shell out money for a game they had no interest in seeing....Anderson is offering....wait for to another Flash game, which apparently, no one wants to see.  This is so self-serving it's not even funny, because even if fans are getting free tickets, Anderson still makes out by having more fans hit the concessions, and gets to sell a higher average attendance rate to advertisers.